Universal Query Tool - browser access to your databases

  • Access your databases from any web browser

    No need to install any client software - all you need is a web browser, on any device

  • Ideal for DBAs, developers, data analysts

    UQT's feature-set is designed for a wide range of users, from DBAs, developers, data analysts to non-power users.

  • Flexible Licensing Model

    Designed for corporate customers, UQT has usage-based licensing. New users can be added for no cost.; users only pay when they use the system.

  • Zero deployment costs

    UQT makes database access easy. Once the server component has been configured, no software or configuring is required on the client. Set up a new user in seconds!

  • Access many types of Databases

    UQT can access a wide range of databases. It has been individually configured for over 20 different database types. Whichever databases you are running - you will be able to access them with UQT.

  • Feature Rich

    Whether you are a DBA browsing the database structure, a developer building SQL queries, or a data analyst running pre-built queries, UQT's wide range of features will help you get your job done faster.

  • Tightly managed access to Databases

    With central administration, you have a high level of control and auditing of users' access to your databases.

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