UQT has a usage-based licensing model. This is designed for corporate customers who may have a large number of users who only require occassional access to the databases.

  • there is only one charge, which is a charge per-user, per-day, per-device
  • there is no charge for installing UQT
  • there is no charge for giving a new user access to UQT
  • there is no charge for upgrading to a newer version of UQT
  • there is no charge for support by email

This means that:

  • if a user only uses UQT on an infrequent basis, it will not cost much
  • the same charge applies irrespective of how much a user uses UQT within a day. So, if they use it for 5 minutes, or for 8 hours, the cost is the same. They do not clock up more charges every time they hit enter!


The price is $0.80c (USD) per-user per-device per-day.

Contact us at to install UQT and to purchase a usage-allocation.

UQT Licensing Server

Licensing is managed both within UQT and on our licensing server.

  • when you install UQT, you need to ensure that your UQT server is able to contact our Licensing Server. UQT will contact our Licensing Server on a periodic basis to synchronize license usage information.
  • UQT can report on the license usage - eg. which users have been consuming the license-allocation.