Download UQT

Before downloading and installing UQT, please use the demo system to help determine whether UQT meets your requirements.

One you have done this, contact us at contact us for the download file and installation instructions.

Installing UQT

UQT is a server application. There is a certain amount of work to install and configure UQT.

Full instructions on installing and configuring UQT are provided with the UQT installation file. Briefly, the work involved in installing UQT is as follows:

  • it is recommended that UQT is installed on a dedicated machine. See prerequisites for the prequisites of this machine,
  • install the UQT files on this machine and define it as an application under your web server (IIS)
  • decide on the database you will use for your control database. Set up all the UQT control tables on this database
  • install database clients, and define connections, to all the databases which UQT will need to access