UQT Server

Unless you only have a small number of users, it is recommended that you have a dedicated machine for the UQT Server. This machine must run:

  • Microsoft Windows with Microsoft Internet Information Services (IIS)
  • Microsoft .Net v4.5
  • database clients for the connections to the various databases

Control Database

You must select a database to be used as the Control Database. Any type of database (DB2, MySQL, SQL Server etc) can be used.

It is recommended that this database reside on the UQT Server. It won't need to store a lot of data, however it will be accessed frequently by UQT. A fast connection to this database will result in UQT running fast for the end-users.

Client Browser

Any modern web browser can run UQT. It has been tested with:

  • Microsoft Internet Explorer version 9 and higher
  • Microsoft Edge
  • Chrome version 48 and higher
  • Firefox version 45
  • Chrome version 38 on Android

UQT doesn't run well on small devices such as phones.