Database Explorer

The Database Explorer allows you to view the objects in your database.

  • UQT shows you comprehensive information about your database. For some databases, UQT has over 200 system queries - UQT shows you more information about your database than vendor-supplied tools.
  • in the example below, UQT is displaying all the tables / views in an Oracle schema, and the columns for the selected table.
  • use can use the View panel on the left to select other information about the table you wish to display
  • you can sign onto multiple databases (in different browser tabs).
UQT's Database Explorer

Other Displays of Table Information

UQT can show you several views of the table list.

  • in the example below, UQT is showing the Table Sizing display for the tables in the schema
  • the View panel on the left, shows which other displays are available for the table list.
UQT's Database Explorer

Other Database Objects

UQT shows you not only information on Tables and Views, but also Tablespaces, Indexes, Triggers, Procedures, Functions etc.

  • the first screenshot below shows all the objects in a DB2/LUW database that UQT can display
  • the second screenshot shows the display of Tablespaces in a DB2/LUW database
The different types of objects which UQT can display
Tablespaces in the database

Stored Procedures

UQT has good support for Stored Procedures

  • you can display Stored Procedure text, parameters and other info
  • you can run Stored Procedures. Procedures can return OUT and INOUT parms. Procedures can return a result-set.
UQT can display Stored Procedure text
UQT can run Stored Procedures