Query Builder

The Query Builder allows you to build queries in a graphical format:

  • tables can be joined by dragging between tables
  • table relationships can be picked up automatically from the database
  • join information can be saved as a "user-defined relationship", and used in later joins
UQT's Query Builder

Build Complex SQL

The Query Builder has a designer mode for specifying more advanced parts of your query:

  • the example below show how you can specify column functions, column display names, column sort order
  • UQT has a dialog for helping build Where Clauses
Query Builder designer mode
Building a Where clause with the Query Builder

Reverse Engineering SQL

The Query Builder can reverse-engineer a query - eg. parse SQL and display it in a graphical format. There are very few products on the market that can do this. Apart, of course, from our desktop product AQT.

  • UQT can parse any query SQL. The query can be one built by UQT or by another product
  • UQT will parse joins, where clauses, column functions
UQT can parse SQL into a graphical query