Data Loader

UQT has a Data Loader that allows you load data into your tables. Data can come from:

  • another table (even in another database)
  • a query
  • a CSV file
  • an Excel file
UQT's Data Loader


The Mapping panel allows you to specify how your data is transformed from load source to the table you are loading

In this example (see Load Spec)

  • column FULLNAME comes from columns 2, 3 and 4 of the source table
  • column COMM is given a fixed value of 5.5
Mapping data from the source


You can do a Preview of the load. This will show you how the data will be loaded into your table, prior to doing the load.

"Obvious" errors, such as numeric value not numeric, or character value too long, will be highlighted

Previewing the data being loaded