UQT allows you to build reports which you can either run yourself, or deploy to other people in your work group.

  • you can configure a user so they can only run reports; they will not be able see the database structure or run ad-hoc SQL
  • a user can be given access to run the report, but not be able to see the report SQL
  • reports can either display a set of data, or display a chart.
  • UQT can maintain an audit-log to record when the report was run, and by whom
Report List
Detail of a Report


Reports can have parameters.

  • when the report is run, the user is prompted for the parameters
  • the user can be provided with a drop-down list of values to choose from
Prompting the user for a report parameter

Linked Report

Reports can be linked.

  • when the report is run, you can click on a row to drill-down to display a related set of information
  • a report can be linked to a chart (and vica-versa), as per the second example below.
Once you display a report, you can display related information
A report can be linked to a chart